TUNE IN: Bloomberg TV’s WDYM Interviews Zack Maril at 4:40PM!


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TUNE IN: Bloomberg TV’s WDYM Interviews Zack Maril at 4:40PM!
Maril will discuss why Google won’t answer question on its web crawler monopoly power

Washington, DC – Please tune into Bloomberg TV’s What’d You Miss today at 4:40 PM. Knuckleheads’ Club Founder Zack Maril will be on to discuss the findings of his research and what it means for any antitrust investigation of Google.

Zack will make the same case he made in The New York Times and The Week – that his research shows Google’s web crawler is a natural monopoly and should be regulated as such. He’s asking journalists to ask Google a simple question: has Google ever denied any competitor access to Google’s web index? If Google  has denied access to competitors then the implications are huge for any antitrust investigation. So far, Google has refused to answer the question, declining to comment about this research to The New York Times and refusing to answer the question directly as part of the recent congressional antitrust hearing.

Bloomberg TV’s What’d You Miss is hosted by Caroline Hyde, Romaine Bostick & Joe Weisenthal who “bring the news and analysis you may have missed after the closing bell on Wall Street.” The shows website can be found here and Bloomberg TV can be watched live online here.

As our research gets more attention, more members are joining the Knuckleheads’ Club. That’s because our findings are straightforward and because joining the Knuckleheads’ Club is the only way anyone concerned about Google’s web crawler monopoly can do something TODAY.  Join the club today!

To learn more about the club’s research and where the Knuckleheads’ Club is going next, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] today! Zack is available for interviews as well as background. You can follow the club on Twitter at @KnuckleheadsClb and Zack on Twitter at @ZackMaril. And, as always, you can read the research that started this all at knuckleheads.club/introduction.